Fairfax, California - Mas Masa

What is the best time to enjoy a taco? Easy. After a big adventure ride with your buddies! This past week, I ventured out on my cross bike to try both a new route and a new taco spot. Even after growing up in Marin and spending so many hours on the bike exploring it's beautiful trails and roads, it amazes me that I can string together completely new adventure routes. Nothing is more motivating to me than the thrill that comes from embarking on a new path, turning left where I have always gone right and opening myself up to the unknown. 

This route involved some incredible road climbs, a bit of single track and some of the most iconic and beautiful roads Marin County has to offer. While I have ridden all of these sections individually on mountain bikes or road bikes, it was a whole new adventure to string them together on my cross bike. The strava route is linked below for those interested! 


The Taco Spot: After over four hours of mixed terrain riding with temperatures hitting the high 90s, we were completely smoked by the time we rolled up to Mas Masa in Fairfax, California. This relatively new restaurant advertises "California-inspired Mexican street food" and is another very hip addition to Fairfax's downtown.  I was eager to try it and this adventure ride certainly called for some tacos to refuel. 

After our hot ride, just walking into their air conditioned restaurant was a glorious experience! We immediately ordered a few of their homemade agua frescas which absolutely did not disappoint. These were the perfect remedy to a hot summer day and had just the right amount of sweetness! I ordered Tacos al Pastor and couldn't resist getting a sweet potato quesadilla to share. We took our seats, downed our agua frescas and eagerly awaited the arrival of our food. 

My Tacos al Pastor arrived just in time to fight off my post ride hanger and I got to work. These tacos were the epitome of simple, yet very high quality. They featured a hand made corn tortilla which housed a delicious pile of heritage pork and a topping of cilantro and peppers. It was love at first bite. I really enjoyed how delicate, yet flavorful these tacos were - although I do wish the portion sizes had been bigger. As far as tacos go, these were incredibly delicious but, in my hangry opinion, were not quite enough bang for my buck. 

For me, the sweet potato quesadilla may have been the star of the show. Sweet potatoes are one of my all time favorite foods and I found that combing them with pepper jack cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds and wrapping them in a handmade blue corn tortilla only deepened my affection. I will definitely be going back for unique and tasty morsels! 

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 4.26.34 PM.png

The Ride: Here is the strava link to our awesome adventure ride. It features a dirt climb up Railroad Grade, single track descending on the famous Coast View Trail, a stretch of road along the coast through Stinson and Bolinas and finally - an epic (and *slightly* steep climb) climb up to the Bo-Fax Ridge Fire Road. This will drop you out at the top of the Alpine Dam climb which is a short road ride from Fairfax and your eventual stop at delicious tacos. I'd definitely recommend a cross or adventure bike (I rode a Specialized Crux and Will rode a Specialized Diverge) for this route!