Tucson, Arizona - Seis Kitchen

Seis Kitchen - Tucson, Arizona

As the newest member of the Scott-SRAM MTB Racing Team, I was particularly excited about team camp! This year, we kicked off the season in Tucson, Arizona where we enjoyed two weeks of training, product testing, team bonding and of course taco eating. 

Highlights of the week included getting my sparkly customized Scott Spark race bike, getting to work with the engineers at SRAM to test products and dial in suspension settings, and - of course - many laps of Mount Lemmon. Needless to say, the busy week left us ready to refuel. 


After my teammate Nino professed his own love for tacos, it seemed the stars were aligning. After some light googling and receiving recommendations from some local pros, there was one name that kept coming up - Seis Kitchen.Despite the clarity of my decision, I still managed to slightly screw it up. We arrived at the closest Seis Kitchen to find it was actually the sister take out stop of their larger restaurant downtown. Luckily, they had heat lamps, some Mexican music and a bar across the way to provide our requisite margaritas - but the pressure was on for this food to be worth making everyone sit out in the cold. I was feeling the heat. 

Moments later, vegetarian nachos and fresh made guacamole graced the table. A solid start. The nachos put in a strong performance and started to give me hope that I wouldn’t spend the rest of my years being made fun of for our outdoor dining extravaganza. (I think the margaritas helped my cause as well)

Plates of tacos soon began pouring out of the kitchen. There were many delicious options which led to some tough decisions - but everyone seemed to be feeling good when warm plates landed in front of them. Personally, I chose to order three different tacos with a side of black beans and a side of zucchini. 

My three selections were the crispy avocado taco, a chicken taco and a taco al pastor. They came out topped with chunky salsa and cheese and wrapped in fresh home made corn tortillas. My favorites were absolutely the crispy avocado tacos - highly recommend. Overall, I think the food definitely redeemed my choice and put Seis Kitchen at the top of my list for my next trip to Tucson! 


Tacos: 4/5

Ambience: 2/5 (outside in winter is v medium)

Fun factor: 5/5

Overall: 4/5

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