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Weighing in: Nutrition, body image, and finding balance as a female athlete | CyclingTips

Eating is one of the most important parts of being an athlete and can be a source of either great joy or distress. Recognizing the challenges in managing body image and nutrition as a female in an endurance sport allows for a real conversation and response.

The 2018 Kate Epic: Riding outside of my comfort zone | CyclingTips

Progress happens outside of your comfort zone. That was the phrase I repeated to myself again and again as I lined up for the Whiskey 50 marathon mountain-bike race last season. As a cross-country racer, my experience is primarily in shorter distances and races that last no more than two hours.

Rituals, not resolutions: Chasing those 1% improvements | CyclingTips

As January comes to a close, it's a good time to reconsider New Year's resolutions. As Kate Courtney writes, it's a good time to do away with them altogether and consider focusing on habits you can control, approaching your goals with rituals instead.

Finding your fight: The mental side of bike racing | CyclingTips

After disappointment at the 2016 World Championships, Kate Courtney focused on the mental aspects of racing, and put this skill to use at the 2017 Worlds.

Balancing act: Lessons learned as a student athlete | CyclingTips

American Kate Courtney graduated from Stanford University in June 2017 with a bachelor's degree in human biology. A month later, she won her first U.S. national elite cross-country title in Snowshoe, West Virginia. She won three U23 World Cup events in 2017, clinching the series title.